What Is Cardstock? What Are The Uses & Made Of?

Cardstock paper can be your best friend if you are someone who likes doing DIYs at home. It is a heavier paper that can absorb moisture and retains its structural integrity. Read the article if you want to know What is cardstock? How it is made and what its uses are.

We have discussed some of the differences between the paper and the cardstock as well. Stick around to gain your knowledge about this high-quality paper to use in your next art and craft project.

What Is Cardstock?

Cardstock is a thick, durable paper used for art and crafts, printing, and writing. It is slightly thinner and more flexible than the other forms of paperboard. It has the same length, and width and follows the ISO system of the paper sizes.

What IsCardstock

The weight of each paper can range from 65 to 130 pounds. This can vary according to the size and you can use the lightest cardstock for intricate cuts. Colored cardstock is also called construction paper and it got popular when it was used in an animated series.

What Is The Difference Between Paper And Cardstock?

The main difference when we compare the cardstock and the normal paper is thickness and durability. The cardstock is made by combining hard and softwood so it has a different texture. While on the other hand, the plain has four types of textures depending upon their coating. Cardstock is thick and waterproof while the paper is thin and not waterproof.

It will get wet and turn to mush as soon as a drop of water lands on its surface. Whereas, the cardstock can survive a laundry mishap and repels all kinds of greasiness and moisture. You can use the cardstock for any purpose as it is available in different colors. Plain paper on the other hand can only be used for writing or drawing. If you want to buy a cardstock you can buy it from here.

What Is Cardstock Paper Used For?

What Is Cardstock Paper Used For

The high-quality and thick cardstocks can be used for several purposes. You can often use this to make business and birthday cards, catalog covers, playing cards, postcards, including saving the memories for scrapbooking, etc. The durability of the cardstock makes it get used for many projects. You can use cardstock paper to send an invitation letter and make an excellent impression in front of the other person.

What Is Cardstock Made Of?

Cardstock is made with a combination of hardwood and softwood, each having a different texture. The softwood adds to the strength, brightness, appearance, and color of this paper. Whereas, hardwood is used so the cardstock forms the shape of the paper accurately.

Both of these woods mix with 99% of water, so a good pulpy mixture can be prepared. The texture of the cardstock is going to be rough and unfinished. The weight and the quality can also vary because of the different ratios of the wood.

Is Cardstock Better Than Paper?

In terms of quality and durability, we can say the cardstock is better than the paper. If you plan on doing some DIY project, making a card, or printing business cards, cardstock is a good option. But for formal purposes, such as writing an application to your boss, we must use plain paper.

What Type Of Paper Is Cardstock For Printing?

Cardstock is a good option for printing purposes. But before that, you need to know how to print on cardstock because printing on cardstock is slightly different than normal printing. You can use this for printing business cards or inviting people to a small event at your home. The sheets of flimsy paper do not look good and can tear up easily if mishandled a bit. Even though cardstock is thick, it can be printed with the help of the normal printers present at your home.

The only thing that matters is the thickness and the coating of the cardstock. Buy an 80-pound cardstock and you are good to go. You can also use Cricut to cut the cardstock perfectly.

The home printers cannot print on the coated cardstocks instead you need to buy the best cardstock printers as normal do not absorb the ink and can end up creating a mess. If you buy an uncoated stock, you can easily print your invitation cards on it.

It is appropriate to be used in the office. Cardstock is only better when you have to play around or create something fun and colorful. Otherwise, both of these are good for use on different occasions.


Is cardstock waterproof?

Yes, the cardstock is waterproof and does not turn mush when the drops of water land on its surface. It can repel all kinds of moisture, sweat, and greasiness. The thickest cardstocks weighing more than 100 pounds can even survive a laundry mishap.

Is cardstock good for painting?

Yes, cardstock is a good option for painting as it is thick and durable. It can withstand the weight of the paint and retains its structural integrity.

Can you watercolor on cardstock paper?

Yes, you can watercolor on your cardstock paper with good-quality watercolors. You will get the same results as you paint on plain A4 paper.


After reading the article above, you might have a clear idea about cardstock. Now you know the major differences between the paper and the cardstock and how is it better. I hope the article has helped you gain some knowledge and you can get creative by using these colorful cardstocks now. They are available in many colors and are thick, durable, and waterproof.


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