Printable Vinyl Sticker Vs Printable Plain Paper Sticker

Stickers being the most versatile and multipurpose medium of personalized expression, are pretty famous among all age groups. When choosing the stickers, the most common debate is Vinyl sticker Vs. Paper sticker. Vinyl sheets and sticker papers are the two major types on which stickers are printed.

Both materials have unique properties and perks over each other. To help you decide between vinyl sticker Vs. Paper sticker, I’ve composed this guide. Give a read to this guide to find out the features, pros, cons, and applications of both sticker categories.

Difference Between Vinyl sticker Vs. Paper sticker

The main difference between vinyl and sticker paper is their durability, adhesiveness, flex, and age. Vinyl stickers are more durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, UV resistant, and can survive in all climates. While paper stickers are not ideal for outdoors, they are not water-resistant and can be peeled off easily. So here vinyl is the clear winner here.

As the name suggests, vinyl stickers are made with highly durable vinyl. Vinyl stickers are used to print highly durable and premium quality stickers. Vinyl stickers are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses and are widely used in premium-grade sticker printing.

On the other hand, paper stickers are printed on a sheet of paper. This is a special type of paper with one adhesive side and peel-off backing. Paper stickers are available in various qualities and thickness levels.

What Are Vinyl Stickers Used For?

Vinyl stickers are used as bumper stickers for cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles. Another common application of vinyl stickers is packaging supplies and product labels. Clear vinyl stickers are used for transparent surfaces like window pans, glass doors, bottles, and aluminum objects.

How To Tell If a Sticker Is Vinyl?

You can easily identify vinyl stickers by simply touching them. Vinyl is a kind of plastic, and you can feel the flex by holding the sticker in your hand. It is stronger and thicker than paper and offers impressive resistance against tearing. Also, vinyl stickers are waterproof and don’t get damaged by water.

Types Of Vinyl Stickers

White Vinyl Matte/Glossy

White Vinyl is the most common type of vinyl sticker. This vinyl type is mainly used to create waterproof labels and stickers. These stickers are available in two finishes: matte and glossy. Matte white vinyl has a satiny plain surface, diffusing maximum light.

They offer dull color contrast but offer excellent visibility due to low glare. White vinyl with glossy stickers has shiny surfaces since they reflect maximum light. These stickers are ideal for printing stickers in vibrant colors.

White Vinyl Matte Glossy

Clear Vinyl (Matte/Glossy)

Clear vinyl is used to create transparent labels and stickers for glassware and aluminum objects. Clear vinyl gives a no-label look, and waterproof stickers are printed on this type of vinyl. It is also available in matte and glossy finishes.

Metallic Vinyl Stickers

Metallic vinyl stickers are available in three metallic colors: gold, silver, and bronze. Metallic vinyl is used to print custom designs and labels for invitations, stationery, and premium ornaments.

Types Of Paper Stickers

Uncoated/Plain Sticker Paper

This is an inexpensive and widely used type of paper sticker. Uncoated paper sheets are easily available and are pretty easy to print on. It is a regular paper that is available in multiple qualities.

Fluorescent Paper Stickers

Fluorescent stickers on paper are particular types of stickers and are also known as glow-in-dark stickers. The stickers are used as attention-grabbing tools like instructions, limited-time offers, and warning signs.

Fluorescent Paper Stickers

Glossy Sticker Paper

Glossy paper stickers are premium-quality stickers. Unlike uncoated paper stickers, they offer high-quality finishes. Also, these stickers can withstand splashes of water and have a better resistance against UV and other damaging factors. Also, there are multiple types of sticker materials.

Advantages Of Vinyl Stickers


Vinyl stickers are thick and highly durable. Vinyl is waterproof and does not fade off quickly. The service life of the vinyl stickers can be as long as 10 years. Vinyl stickers have UV-resistant surfaces that prevent them from fading. Also, they do not get damaged and weathered in outdoor environments.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Sine vinyl stickers are waterproof and resistant to UV, it is pretty easy to clean and maintain the stickers for many years. Vinyl stickers do not develop stains of oils and chemicals. You can clean them with a damp cloth and light detergent since they won’t fade or lose their shine.

High-Quality Printing

Another perk of choosing a vinyl sticker is performing premium-grade printing on vinyl. The vibrant and rich color contrasts enhance their visibility, making them ideal for labels and panners.

Easy To Cut

Vinyl stickers can be created in various custom shapes and cuts. Vinyl sheets are thick and strong and can be used with various cutting tools like Circuit Cutting machines.

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Vinyl stickers are strong and can be reused if removed and repositioned properly. Remember, all vinyl stickers are not repositionable.

Advantages Of Vinyl Stickers

Disadvantage Of Vinyl Stickers

High Cost

The most significant downside of vinyl stickers is that they are expensive. Also, you need high-profile equipment to create vinyl stickers.

Strong Adhesive

Vinyl stickers use strong adhesive at the back. It leaves a leftover on the surface when the sticker is removed.

Advantages Of Paper Stickers


Sticker papers are affordable and are perfect to create stickers for everyday use. These stickers can be printed under a limited budget and have a high-profit margin making them commercially valuable.

Easy To Print

Paper stickers are easy to print, and you can use regular equipment like inkjet sticker printers and scissors to make paper stickers. Also, you can create paper stickers in bulk within a limited time.

Multiple Options

A wide variety of paper stickers is available on the market, making it easier for you to find a perfect option for you.

Advantages Of Paper Stickers

Disadvantages Of Paper Stickers

Lack Durability

Unlike vinyl stickers, paper stickers are not resistant to UV, water, and other environmental factors. Therefore these stickers are not ideal for outdoor applications.

Short Service LIfe

Paper stickers have a short lifespan, and even with proper care and maintenance, they do not last longer than 2-years.


Are vinyl stickers better than regular stickers?

Vinyl stickers are better than regular stickers when it comes to reliability, look, and visibility. Vinyl stickers are strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions in outdoor environments and offer a longer service life than regular stickers.

Are vinyl stickers shiny?

Glossy vinyl stickers are shiny since they reflect light. These stickers are printed in vibrant and rich color contrast and are highly visible in neutral and low light conditions.

How long do vinyl stickers last?

The average lifespan of vinyl stickers is 5-years. However, some indoor vinyl stickers last as long as 10-12 years.

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, it is pretty clear that vinyl stickers have many advantages over paper stickers. Vinyl stickers are stronger than paper stickers and have a long service life. Also, they are equally useful for indoor and outdoor applications.

On the other hand, paper stickers are cost-effective and can be the best option to personalize your things like office cabinets, jars, packaging boxes, greeting cards, and envelopes.


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