14 Types Of Stickers & Their Usage – For Cars & Laptops

Sticker printing is not a new phenomenon; however, it has evolved over time, and now we can see different types of stickers. Since sticker printing is now done with advanced printing equipment and techniques, there are more types of stickers available than in the past.

If you want to create custom stickers, knowing different types of stickers is crucial. Stickers can be categorized depending on the printing procedure and the type of materials they use. Give a read to this post to know different kinds of stickers.

Types Of Stickers

Also, there are multiple types of sticker material that can be used for these mentioned stickers.

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are often used to decorate rooms, walls, or glasses. Sometimes it can be used outdoors for the promotion of a business. They can be applied to any type of smooth surface for decoration. Vinyl stickers are printed and then cut via a vinyl plotter or cutting machines such as Cricut and silhouette.

The age of the vinyl stickers depends upon the material you’re using while making. Usually, the age of vinyl stickers is 3 to 5 years. Also, there is a significant difference between plain stickers vs vinyl stickers


Decals are also made of vinyl stickers that are often used outdoors to decorate cars. It can be adhered to by creating a contact from one surface to another. They are UV and water-resistant that’s why the favorite stickers of car holders. The decal sticker can have only one single color or pattern. The normal age of the decals is 5 to 7 years.


Labels are printed to represent advice or a piece of information to use. The use of labels can be on food packages or for a piece of information to use a brand’s product. The concept is that labels are secured throughout their life. For example, a label on the product is permanent identification until the product is remanufactured.

Planner Stickers

Planner stickers are really fun and add enjoyment to our daily life tasks. They are often used to organize reminders of daily or monthly tasks. You print your daily tasks diary with beautiful colors and stickers that will look extremely adorable hence they’ll help you to remember important tasks.

Sheet Stickers

Sheet stickers contain more than one sticker on a single page. It can be a single type printed sticker or several types of stickers. Sheet stickers are ideal for decorating the theme of a book. Moreover, the single page contains many stickers and the quantity per sheet depends upon the size of a sheet you have chosen.

Sheet Stickers

Foil Stickers

Foil stickers are totally different types of stickers from all others. They don’t look flat like other types. They have embossed and quite shiny effects like 3d animations. Foil stickers are gold, silver, and white having a metallic surface that shines like a light.

Water/UV/Scratch Resistant

These stickers are extremely durable to withstand outdoor conditions. They can be printed by using vinyl material and laminated via thermal laminating. Water/UV/Scratch-resistant stickers can be labels, decals, and many more.

Domed Stickers

Domed stickers feature a three-dimensional shape to attract customers to a brand. They are produced with a combination of vinyl and epoxy resin gels coating. The surprising part of the domed stickers is they can self-heal when they get a scratch because of the polyurethane material. You can read the full guide here.

Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut stickers feature a laser-cut through the backing and are created in customized shapes and forms. Finished die-cut stickers have no visible lining, and they are used to create logos, social media signs, icons, and various shapes.

Die-cut stickers are available in both glossy and matte lamination. Glossy die-cut stickers use UV-laminate for a shiny protective surface. Matte die-cut stickers use high-quality matte laminates as protective shields.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers are cut only through the design without cutting the backing of the paper. Kiss cut stickers have an extra backing paper on the backs. The backing and finished lining of kiss-cut stickers are more prominent than the die-cut stickers.

Kiss Cut Stickers

Clear Stickers

Clear stickers are among the older types of stickers. These stickers have either front or back face adhesive. Front face adhesive stickers are placed inside the glass doors and windows. Clear stickers with back face adhesives are stuck on extensions surface like on the vehicles, bumpers, boards, etc. To enhance the visibility of clear stickers, you can add white paint or an opaque layer at the back.

Roll Stickers

Roll stickers are used to print a single design in bulk quantity. Roll stickers are sued for event promotions, product labels, envelope sealers, organization logos, and mailing labels. Roll stickers come wrapped on a 3-inch or 5-inch core, and you can print almost all shapes and configurations on roll stickers. This type of sticker is a cost-effective solution to print stickers in bulk.

Window Clings And Decals

Windows Clings and Decals are repositionable stickers. These stickers are usually stuck on the glass doors of shops. Also, you can stick them on fridges and laptops. Cling stickers use a static charged back through which they stick to the surface and can be repositioned multiple times. Also, you can find repositionable adhesive decals. These decals can be repositioned up to five times and stick better than clings.

Silk Screen Stickers

Silkscreen stickers are usually designed for cars and trucks. These stickers used the oldest printing techniques in which every color in the design is printed as a separate layer. These stickers look stunning and are still among the most loved vehicle stickers.

SilkScreen stickers are printed on vinyl and can be printed in up to 5 colors. It is a unique type of sticker that gives a vintage look and lasts longer than other sticker types.

All these stickers can be produced by the best printer for stickers via you can print decals, labels, vinyl stickers, planners, and many more.

Sticker Lamination Types

Depending upon the type of lamination, there are two main types of stickers: glossy stickers and matte stickers.

Sticker Lamination Types

Glossy Lamination

Glossy stickers are usually laminated with UV laminates making them ideal for outdoor use. UV-laminate offers a shiny glossy look to the sticker and also protects it from chemicals, UV, and weather damage.

Standard Lamination

Affordable stickers made for outdoor use come with standard sticker laminations. Standard sticker laminates are waterproof and resistant to oils and chemicals. However, standard lamination will not work for cars and truck stickers.

Matte Lamination

Matte stickers do not reflect light and are used for sober and serious design ideas. Matte lamination offers a soft glare-free look to the stickers. Matte stickers are mainly used for outdoor use since they are not visible in low-light conditions. They can also be used for outdoor purposes since they offer a glare-free look. It may also help you with matte vs glossy stickers and how to make matte stickers glossy.

What kinds of stickers are popular?

Clear stickers and die-cut stickers are among the most popular sticker types. These stickers are durable and highly resistant to damaging factors. These stickers last as long as 5 years and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


The choice of the stickers entirely depends on your requirements, but you also need to consider the quality of the printing process and the material it uses. If you want to create customized stickers for outdoor use, it is recommended to contact a reliable stickler creating company. You can find multiple sticker printing services on Etsy and Redbubble. Now you will have much knowledge to start the sticker business.


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