15 Types Of Sticker Material – Vinyl, Glitters & Many More!

Various stickers are available in the market in different formats and materials. It can be overwhelming sometimes to choose the best ones for your task. They can be customized and used for various applications.

These are great for marketing and can be used in limitless ways. Before using these, make sure you have a good understanding of the types of sticker material. Each has its pros and cons, and they can help you create your designs in minutes.

15 Types Of Sticker Materials

Stickers have different types and can be made with different materials. These can be printed as rolls, on a page, or as single stickers. The sticker rolls are used for making labels. A page will have different designs, while a single sticker can be used in specific shapes.

They are versatile and help in application. Stickers can have different types. Let us discuss this in detail, so you have enough knowledge before deciding for yourself.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is the most common sticker material and is used widely. They can be applied to flat and curved surfaces because they provide a stretch or slight flex in the materials. Clear vinyl is used to print clear stickers. Clear vinyl stickers are used on transparent or see-through surfaces. The service life of this type of sticker is 5 years for outdoor and 7-years for indoor use.


The clear vinyl stickers use strong adhesives either at the front or back. Sometimes they leave an adhesive leftover on the surface when removed. These feel so smooth while you touch them and are also very durable. They will help you decorate a room or promote a brand or business. This will be especially helpful if you want to start a sticker business.

2. Industrial Vinyl

Industrial Vinyl is used to print stickers and labels for outdoor use. The service life of industrial vinyl stickers is more than 10 years since they are resistant to chemicals and UV damage. Vinyl stickers and labels are highly flexible and can be stuck to curved surfaces like bottle labels and pipeline labels.

3. White Glossy Removable Vinyl

White glossy removable vinyl uses bubble air-free egress technology that helps with easy application. These stickers have a strong adhesive material that allows staying on specific surfaces. They are best for using outdoors because they are waterproof. You may know glossy vs matte stickers.

These removable stickers do not leave a sticky residue behind when you take them off. If you are picky, you will like the glossy vinyl stickers. These can be ordered in any format and can last for 5 years.

4. White Matte Removable Vinyl

White matte removable stickers have a satin appearance and subtle sheen. These are an excellent option for that natural finish as they blend into the surface. They are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for outdoor use as white glossy removable vinyl stickers. These are waterproof and bubble-free, which helps in smooth application. You can print them on the page or use them as handouts.

White Matte Removable Vinyl

5. White Glossy Permanent Vinyl

These have the strongest sticking because of the permanent adhesive. The white glossy permanent vinyl stickers are ideal for putting up warning signs on the street or in an industry. These can also help in property identification and are great for outdoor use. They are durable and easy to apply, but the application can be complex.

These can have bubbles while applied. These have a strong adhesive that ensures they stay on and do not get removed. They almost have the same properties as the matte removable vinyl and can be printed as handouts or pages but for that, you might need a good printer to print stickers.

6. White vinyl

White Vinyl is used to create car and truck stickers. White vinyl is among the strongest sticker materials and is highly resistant to damaging factors like weather, moisture, UV, and chemicals. Die-cut stickers, Kis Cit stickers, and Silk Screen Stickers are created on white vinyl. The white vinyl sticker lasted up to 5-years.

7. Clear Removable Vinyl

The clear removable vinyl stickers can help promote a business, or you can use them for decorating an event. These are best to use when you do not like seeing any color on the background of the stickers. They make sure the design stands out with a clear base. If you like decorating your plain glass window, these are ideal for you.

They can be placed on the window from the front or the back. The clear removable vinyl stickers have a UV coat that makes them abrasion-resistant. They have water durability and can be printed in different formats.

8. White Permanent Glossy BOPP

The biaxially oriented polypropylene is a plastic material that is used to label products that are durable. The white permanent glossy BOPP stickers are almost resistant to everything such as heat, oil, and fading.

These can endure a lot of wear and tear and stay in place for 5 long years. They can be printed in different formats. A roll of 250 units can be ordered, making them less expensive. If you get them made in large numbers, the overall cost is reduced. Moreover, you can get the perforated roll so these can be handed out directly to everyone.

9. White Permanent Matte BOPP

White Permanent Matte BOPP is ideal if you like decorating your pen, markers, and pencils. The labels made with these types of stickers look unique. These can also help you add flavors, ingredients, manufacturing, and expiry dates to the products. They are waterproof, have no lamination, and are highly durable.

They give a very natural finish when you plan on picking a product with them. The BOPP material has no gloss on it and looks organic. When ordered in large quantities, these BOPP sticker rolls are way less expensive than the vinyl stickers. They can be handed out directly from the roll as well.

10. Clear BOPP

The clear version of biaxially oriented polypropylene has features and is a versatile product. These stickers help our design to stand out with a transparent background. They give a very professional look against any surface.

These stickers can help pack different products or put some labels on the windows. They have a permanent adhesive that stays in place and looks bright and bold. These sticker labels are waterproof, oil-resistant, and durable, ideal for beverage packaging.

11. Holographic Stickers

The holographic stickers have a permanent acrylic adhesive. They have a highly reflective metallization layer that can blow away your mind. These can be digitally printed and use 3ml of thick vinyl. The Holographic stickers can dimly be lit when hit by light. They are ideal if you paste them on a car, a glass window, or a mirror. These are long-lasting and shine the same way for months.

12. Perforated Film

Stickers can also be printed on the perforated films. These stickers are created for indoor glass use. The best part is that they do not obstruct the see-through view from the inside. Depending upon the printing and perforated film quality, they have a service life of between 12-18 months.

Perforated Film

13. Low Tack Clings

Clings are repositionable stickers that use a static charge at their back. These stickers have a short service life and can be repositioned up to 10 times. A high-quality low-tack adhesive cling sticker offers a maximum service life of 7-months.

14. Foil Paper

Foil paper stickers are visible in dull and bright shades of silver and gold. Such stickers are created for special events like parties, weddings, and food festivals.

15. Fluorescent Stickers

Fluorescent stickers are made by applying flood costing on synthetic materials. These stickers are available in multiple colors like red, orange, green, and yellow. Such stickers are used as alert signs and also for decorative purposes at parties.

Format Of Stickers


All the stickers can be printed on pages in different shapes and designs. They are printed on a US letter page which has the size of 8.5×11 inches. A sticker maker tool can design these stickers in multiple designs. These are ideal for people who have a limited budget. They can be printed in lower quantities and test different layouts. The paper-printed stickers have a glossy, white matte and a clear removable vinyl coating.


The handouts are also called the kiss cut-singles, and they look very similar to the mini stickers. The size of the handouts can be customized, and you can create designs according to your preference.

They are ordered in large quantities and are suitable if you need them for an event or giveaways for your business. The background can also be printed, adding your element to the basic designs. High-quality vinyl can be used in printing the handouts, and they avoid the gunk.

Format Of Stickers


The roll label stickers are ordered in at least 250 units. These have a 3-inch width and have a plain area around the sticker design. They are the most affordable stickers and have easy application. These can be peeled easily, and you can directly hand them over to people. They are wounded around the cardboard spool and have different shapes and colors. These continuous liners can be customized as well.

Die-cut Singles

The die-cut single is similar to the handouts or kiss-cut singles but with a premium finish. They have a semi-gloss finish and bring the design to life. The subtle yet beautiful shine helps in expressing your statements. These vinyl stickers are cut separately and add a luxurious look to the product. They can have a semi-gloss or clear vinyl coating.


What material is used for stickers?

Vinyl is the most common material used for stickers because of its durability. These have a clear and white coating and are weather-proof. They are the best if you want to order in bulk. Vinyl decal stickers can also be used to decorate your walls as well.

What are the types of stickers and their usage?

There are 14 types of stickers that we have listed in our article types of stickers and their usage. These can have several coatings and finishing. Stickers can be made in different formats, shapes, colors, and designs.

What is the vinyl sticker?

Vinyl stickers are used for different purposes. These have different coatings and can be used to decorate a wall, window, label, or promote a business.


The stickers are available in different materials and used for various purposes. They can be customized and use different adhesives. Some stickers are permanent, while the others are removable.

The different coatings make them look luxurious and neat. You can decorate different objects and customize the color and design. Different kinds of stickers are weather-proof and ideal for the outdoors. They have an easy application on both flat and curved surfaces. Some stickers can last for years and look the same as new.


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