Top 15 Cool Sublimation Ideas For Gifts and Selling

Are you planning to start a sublimation business and looking for the best niche? If yes, here are the top 15 sublimation ideas in 2022. Sublimation printing is a great way to produce personalized products, and it is one of the most profitable businesses you can start today.

Sublimation printing is an interesting yet demanding activity that requires high-end equipment and printing supplies. Starting the business with a perfect idea will help you choose the right equipment and supplies. Also, you can plan your marketing and branding strategies accordingly to maximize the profit.

Top 15 Sublimation Ideas to Sell or For Gifts

Mug Printing

Personalized coffee mugs are trendy in the corporate gift industry, and it is the best substation idea if you want to start a business with little investment. Coffee mugs are among the cheapest sublimation substrates. Also, they are easily available in the market. Even you can sublimate mugs for Christmas.

Mug Printing

Since mug printing is so common, you will find plenty of supplies like printing inks and sublimation papers suitable for mug printing. Also, mugs printing is inexpensive, and your profit margin is higher in this niche, making it the best sublimation printing niche in 2022.

Flex Printing

If you are going to start a business with a handsome investment, flex printing is the best sublimation printing opportunity. Flex banners are now among the most powerful outdoor advertising tools, and the customer flow is higher in the niche.

However, you need a big investment to start a flex printing business since it cannot be done with regular sublimation or convertible to a sublimation printer. It uses specialized wide-format sublimation printing machines and heat transfers.

T-shirt Printing

One of the most successful sublimation business ideas in the past few years is t-shirt printing. T-shirts are among the most suitable sublimation substrates since they have a high polyester content. Sublimation printing on shirts can be formed with basic sublimation equipment.

T-shirt Printing

You can create high-quality prints on the shirt with affordable supplies like inks and heat transfer papers. This niche is also rich in terms of customer flow since customized shirts are in trend. Also, if you properly advertise your business, you will get bulk orders from different organizations.

T-shirt sublimation can be formed with limited accessories and manpower making it a highly profit-generating business idea.

Sticker Printing

Sticker printing is a broad and extensive niche where you can excel a lot if you opt for the right business plan. The niche is saturated with customers since there are plenty of sticker types you can print. Sticker printing is pretty lucrative since it can be done with limited resources.

You can craft your own sublimation design ideas to sell. Also, you can perform sublimation printing with affordable printing equipment and sublimation supplies. The sticker printing is performed on various substrates and is not time-consuming.

Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper is used as an interior decorative item. The market demand for customized wallpapers has significantly grown in the past few years and is a perfect idea if you want to start a large sublimation business.

Wallpaper printing is not a small business; however, it is not as demanding as the flex printing business. Wallpaper printing has a higher profit margin but needs specialized equipment and sublimation supplies.

Textile Printing

Textile printing is a medium or large-scale sublimation business idea. Printing in textile products like pillowcases, cushions, towels, etc., can generate high profits. In the textile industry, fabrics with higher polyester content are ideal substrates for sublimation.

Textile Printing

The polymer fiber makes a strong bond with sublimation ink allowing you to create long-lasting prints. One of the biggest perks of textile sublimation is that it is easy, and you can perform it with any high-quality best sublimation printer and medium-duty trader machine.

Ceramic Printing

You can also perform sublimation on ceramic plates. Customized ceramic plates are unique crafts that are safe to be used for food. Also, ceramic printed crafts are in high demand for their vintage look. You can start ceramic printing with a little investment.

Acrylic Printing

If you are looking for the easiest yet most engaging sublimation idea, go for acrylic printing. Acrylic is one of the best materials to sublimate on. The higher polyester content help deliver durable and high-quality prints without any particular treatment or high-end equipment. Acrylic blanks are available in multiple shapes and sizes. You can create keychains, jewelry, and unique crafts using your creative abilities.

Personalized Mobile Cases

Custom mobile cases are among the most famous sublimation crafts. You can perform sublimation printing in mobile cases by implementing your own design ideas. Also, you can sell your printing services to make custom mobile casings. Mobile cases are made of multiple materials. If a substrate is not suitable for sublimation printing, you can apply a poly-coat to make it sublimation-friendly.

Mouse Rugs

Mouse rug printing is another perfect sublimation idea since computers are present everywhere. Gamers love to get their mouse pads printed with their favorite characters and logos. Also, different organizations use customized mouse rugs having their logo printed on them.

Mouse Rugs

Packaging Materials

Both small and large businesses use customized packaging supplies for their goods. You can offer printing services to create customized packaging supplies like envelopes, boxes, tapes, shopping bags, and envelope sealers.

Greeting Cards

You can implement various design ideas to create engaging and beautiful greeting cards for different occasions. Also, you can offer services for custom greeting cards. Sublimation printing on greeting cards is an easy process, and you can perform it even with entry-level printing equipment.

Sign Making

Sign masking is another productive sublimation idea. You can use specialized printing equipment to print on various materials like wood, plastic, glass frames, bronze, etc. you cannot start this business with a limited budget; however, it is among the most lucrative sublimation businesses.

Pet Tags

Creating customized pet tags with sublimation printing is another great notion that can produce productive results. Pet owners want pet tags having the name, address, or phone number printed on them. Pet tags are created with interesting design ideas to make them look attractive.

Ornament Printing

If you are skilled and equipped enough to print on various materials, you can choose ornament printing as a business idea. Ornaments are made of different materials like fiberglass, porcelain, aluminum, or wood. You need particular sublimation dyes and printing media to perform sublimation on various items. And one of my favorite ideas is sublimation on Christmas ornaments.


What are the best materials to sublimate on?

100% polyester fabric is the best material to sublimate on. The higher polyester content quickly adheres to the sublimation inks and forms a strong bond with sublimation ink.

What is the most vibrant sublimation ink?

Sublijet HD and Hippo inks are among the most vibrant sublimation inks. These inks are used in commercial-grade sublimation products since they are highly resistant to fading.

What sublimation items sell best?

Mugs, t-shirts, phone cases, keychains, stickers, and acrylic crafts are among the bestselling and cool sublimation items.


So, these are the top 15 sublimation ideas in 2022. Finding a niche for sublimation printing is a demanding task, and it is advised to do some research before you pick up a particular niche. You should consider your budget, skill level, market demand for the product you want to create, and profit margin.

If you are new to sublimation, I will advise you to start with little things like phone cases, mugs, and acrylic keychains. The Epson sublimation printers and other supplies for these items are readily available, and these products have a higher market demand.


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