How To Unpause A Printer Using HP on Mac & Windows

Just when you are printing out important documents and your printer decides to stop working is a whole different kind of frustration. If you want to steer clear from this annoyance and know how to unpause a printer, you are in for a treat, as I know a thing or two about it.

Printers do not pause without any cause. There are a couple of reasons why a printer pauses in the middle of printing. So, if you learn the causes then it will be easier for you to know how to unpause your printer. Lucky for you, I have shared the causes as well as the fix in the article below.

How To Unpause A Printer

Printer Pausing

Printers do not pause out of the blue without any reason. There are a couple of glitches that often become the cause of a printer pausing. Whether you have an HP printer, or a mac one, the problem will happen to almost all types of printers. There is an option of pause present in the settings of all printers, from where you can manually pause a printer. If you have not paused it from there, that means there is a glitch in your system that needs to be taken care of.

How Do I Unpause My HP Printer?

An HP printer pauses often because of two reasons, either being paused manually by the user or due to a problem arising. I am sharing a simple procedure with you that will help you unpause your HP printer whether you are working on Windows 10, or any other version.

How Do I Unpause My HP Printer

Step 1

First, you need to go to the printer settings on your laptop or PC. From there, you need to check whether your HP printer is connected to the device or not. Moreover, also check if the device has been turned off or not. Now you need to go to the control panel and look for the printer in the devices section. If the pause button on the screen appears to be pressed, then you need to click on it to unpause it.

Step 2

Once you have pushed the unpause option, then you need to click on the button that says confirm. This will make sure that your HP printer does not get paused automatically via the connected device. Then you need to go to the taskbar of your device. From there, you need to select the HP printer option. Double click on the option to open it.

On your screen, a list will appear that has to be printed from the HP printer. You will see a button that says ‘Paused’. Right next to that button, there will be another button that says ‘Resume’. Click on the resume button to start the printer again, and voila. In just a few simple and easy steps, you have unpaused your HP printer.

Why Is My Printer Paused?

There are multiple reasons why a printer pauses out of the blue when you are printing multiple documents. The long list of reasons includes, either your printer has run out of sheets, or it is running low on ink. In addition to that, the scarcity of toner cartridges also causes the printer to halt its performance and pause mid-printing. Each one of these reasons requires you to open the body of the printer and check what is it that is causing the problem.

Why Is My Printer Paused

Furthermore, there are other technical issues too that often cause a printer to pause printing. If the drivers of the printer do not work well with the hardware of your connected device, the printer will pause printing immediately. Another reason why printers pause printing is that the users give multiple printing commands at the same time.

If you give different printing commands to your printer at the same time and try to print multiple files one after another, it will cause the system of your printer to stop working. The printer will try to process the data that is being fed to it, and that will cause a glitch, which means printing will be paused.

How To Unpause Printer?

Unpausing a printer seems like a heavy-duty job, but it is the opposite. If your printer has paused because it is running low on sheets, toner, or ink, then unpausing is quite simple. All you need to do is refill the item that has been finished and your printer will start working almost immediately. Replacing the older ink cartridges with newer ones, and adding more sheets to the sheet tray will resume the printer.

However, if your printer has paused due to some other problem, such as the problem of drivers, or it has paused automatically from the control panel, then it needs to be addressed via the connected device. Whether you have connected a laptop or a PC to the printer, you need to go through that to fix the problem. If it is a problem with printer drivers, then you need to download and reinstall new printer drivers on your device to get your printer back to work.

On the other hand, if the problem is due to automatic pausing via the control panel, then you need to go to the control panel on your device. From the settings of the printer, you need to press the unpause option, and then click on confirm to save those settings. Then you need to click on the setting of the printer and click on the button that says Resume, and your printer will get back to its job.

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Printer pausing in the middle of a job is highly annoying. However, the problem is not very grave. It can be fixed. If you do not know how to unpause a printer, do not fret. The article above contains all the information that will help you unpause your printer.


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