How To Start A Sticker Business? Profit, Cost, & Supplies

Plenty of organizations and individuals have found stickers a profitable product worth selling. However, starting a sticker business is not as simple as it is to say. It is crucial to figure out the business logistics behind the scene to start a sticker business.

Before you get into it, you need to figure out your niche, target audience, type of stickers you want to create, and the equipment you need to buy. So in this post, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about how to start a sticker business. Diving into this business without having proper knowledge may cause a huge loss to you. So it’s crucial to know how much profitable this business is?

How To Start A Sticker Business?Is a Sticker Business Profitable?

Yes, A sticker business startup is highly profitable if you have a good business plan and strong marketing strategies. On average, you can earn $2-5 by selling a high-quality sticker. You can also maximize your profit by purchasing supplies in bulk and selling the stickers in sets.

How To Start A Sticker Business

The sticker business is profitable since you need to buy expensive equipment like cutting machines and printers for stickers in the beginning. This equipment has a service life of many years if maintained properly.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Sticker Business?

The average to start a sticker business is $16,000. But according to research, you can kickstart your business at a very minimal cost of $62. But It totally depends upon your idea of the starting. Whether you can want to start from a minimal cost or maximum. The maximum cost of startup cost can also be $58,797.

How to Start a Sticker Business with Cricut?

If you want to start a business at a very low cost then you don’t need to buy a Cricut for cutting vinyl stickers. And yes, you can start your sticker business without a Cricut. You can buy some cutting scissors-like xacto scissors in order to cut the stickers. But again, I would suggest going with a cutting machine for bringing the cutting accuracy to the stickers.

Find Your Niche And Target Audience

To earn a handsome profit right from the beginning, it is critical to set up all your marketing and branding strategies. It is almost impossible to do any planning without knowing your target audience. Choosing a niche that is in line with your skills and can generate a profit is critical to starting a new business.

Planner Stickers

Today planner stickers are in high demand, and they could be the most profitable niche if you have a great idea in your mind. Organizations use planner stickers to decorate their diaries, planners, and calendars.

Also, many organization structures use stickers showcasing critical dates, reminders, to-do lists, responsibilities, rules, regulations, etc. The best thing about this niche is that it is wide and extensive. You can use various themes like serious, decorative, informative, functional, cute, and floral.


Both small and large businesses could be the best target audience if you want to sell your stickers. Businesses need stickers for the promotion and marketing of their products. Many small businesses develop exciting and engaging marketing strategies, and stickers are among the most effective tools for them.

Find Your Niche And Target Audience

Brands also use stickers to enhance their happy customers’ unboxing and shopping experience. Stickers are used in packaging and for thank-giving cards.

Bumper Stickers

If you have a good sense of humor or sharp creative skills, you can earn a lot by creating bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are printed in bold and vibrant colors. You have a wide target audience for bumper stickers since people display these stickers on the back of their cars, on the doors, and on laptops.

Also, organizations and businesses use bumper stickers to convey messages, working strategies, and design ideas in an engaging and interesting way.

Photo Stickers

Photo stickers are printed on different materials, and it is the simplest type of stickers you can create. If you own high-quality printing equipment, you should start a photo printing business. Many people love to get their photos printed on stickers and stick them on the fridges, laptops, mugs, invitations, and letters.

Sticker Business Equipment

Once you have chosen your sticker printing niche, the next thing you need to consider is where and how to print your stickers. If you have small investment, sticker printing can be outsourced. You can find many Printing partners like Sticker Mule.

Sticker Mule has high-end printing equipment, and you can work them on a contract basis. However, if you have enough money to buy the printing equipment, it is essential to purchasing high-quality sticker printing equipment.

Sticker Printers

You first need to start a sticker business is a sticker printing machine. Although you can print stickers with any standard inkjet printer, you won’t be able to sell these stickers. You need to invest in high-end products like the best printers for stickers with higher resolutions to print high-quality stickers.

Also, you can print stickers with premium-quality photo printers. The best options are Epson Convertible to sublimation printers, Canon Pixma Printers, and Sawgrass ready-to-sublimation printers. You can buy these printers from Amazon.

Pigments And Inks

To print commercial-grade stickers, you need high-quality pigments and inks. If you perform sublimation printing on stickers, you should look for top-rated sublimation inks like Sublijet HD Ink, Hippo Ink, InkxPro Professional Inks, and Printer’s Jack Sublimation Ink Cartridges.

Pigment-based inks are another option to print stickers. Pigment Inks have better adhesion properties than dye-based inks, and you can create long-lasting and weather-resistant stickers with pigment inks.UltraChrome HighGloss and Splashjet Photo Printing Inks are among the best options you can buy.

Sticker Paper

Sticker printing is always done on a substrate, and depending on the type of sticker you want to print; you need to buy high-quality sticker paper. You can find matte and glossy sticker papers on the market, and you have to choose the one that perfectly fits your niche. Also, you can perform Stick-on vinyl, and heat transfer vinyl is another suitable option for ticker printing.

Sticker Cutting Machine

Although you can find pre-cut labels and sticker paper, they limit your productivity. To create fully customizable and on-demand stickers, you need a high-quality electronic sticker-cutting machine. If you want to ensure your business’s success, it is advised to find the most functional and highly capable electric sticker-cutting machine. Our recommendation is Cricut and silhouette.

Packaging Materials

You need to go with high-quality packaging material to enhance the user’s unboxing experience. You can purchase pre-designed envelopes and tissue paper for the sticker business. However, it is advised to get your customized packaging supplies with your business logo printed on them.

Clear Vinyl Laminate

It is a protective coating that is mainly used to protect the sticker from damage. You can also find many other protective shields for stickers to enhance the service life of the stickers.

Other Accessories

Sticker printing accessories include heat-resistant tapes, heat transfer machines, silicon pads, and personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.

Where To Sell Your Own Stickers?


Etsy is the best platform where you can sell your stickers. It is the largest online selling platform for hand-made goods. You can create an account on this platform, and there are no registration fees. They will charge you 20 cents per listed item.

Since there is high customer flow on this digital marketplace, you can sell your stickers easily without investing too much in marketing. Etsy also takes care of your taxing forms and charges you fees for every transaction. In return, you benefit from their optimized search option and existing traffic on their website.

Where To Sell Your Own Stickers


Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms where you can sell your products. The best way is to create your independent store on Shopify. Having a store of your own gives you the freedom to control all your orders, purchases, and listings. Shopify has an impressive flow of customers, and you can easily stand out there if you ensure quality and the best customer service.


Redbubble is another digital marketplace where people sell their design ideas and creative products. This platform is not as extensive as Shopify or Etsy. Since the competition is low, you will have the advantage to stdout and make your bard name value in a limited time.

Creating Your Own Website

You can create your own website to sell your stickers. However, it is a time taking process. You Need To buy the domain and get your website structured by a professional. Creating, managing, and getting your website ranked is a time-taking and demanding process, and you may need professional help to create a highly-rated website.


Is it hard to start a sticker business?

No, it’s not hard to start a sticker business. You can start a sticker business with a limited investment. All you need is to choose the perfect niche and find the best marketing and selling strategies.

How do you sell sticker designs?

You can sell sticker designs on digital marketplaces like RedBubble, Esty, and Society6. You can list your design ideas in the store with proper keyword research, and your target audience will find you through the search function of these platforms.

Can you sell stickers on Etsy?

Yes, Etsy is one of the best-selling platforms to sell your crafts. Etsy charges you a minimal listing and transaction fee, and in return, you benefit from their well-optimized search function and existing traffic on the website.


Starting a sticker business with a little investment is not a big deal since many outsourcing and partnership options are available. Also, you can start selling your products right from the first day through digital marketplaces like Shopify, Etsy, and Redbubble. However, despite having so many opportunities, you need to develop a strong business plan to ensure business success. You can also start a sublimation printing business.


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