How To Print On Cds With A Printer & Silkscreen

Knowing how to print on CDs will help you print and customize your own CDs. Many people think printing CDs is a waste of time, but this industry is still thriving, despite common opinion. In fact, CDs are now being used for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, knowing the art of printing a CD is something that everyone should know.

If you know how to print on CDs, and DVDs, you will be able to print labels directly on CDs. In addition to that, you will also be able to create customized designs on CDs. In the article below, I have shared the method of how one can print on CDs in detail.

How To Print On CDs

Printing CDs

Even though many people have deemed CDs out of fashion, and do not use them anymore, there are still many avid users of CDs around the globe. Therefore, printing CDs is still a profitable business. In addition to that printed CDs are also often used as a part of interior decoration.

Methods of Printing On CDs

Via A Printer

The first and the most common method of printing a design or an image on a CD is through a printer. There are many printers available in the market that support printing CDs and DVDs. If you do not have such models, you need to get your hands on them asap for printing CDs at home.

  • Take the tray of CDs from the box of the printer and insert it into the printer.
  • Place a plain and empty CD into the tray, inside the printer.
  • Make sure that the side of the CD that you want to print on, is facing upwards.
  • Then you need to connect the printer to any device, such as a laptop or PC. You can go to the control panel on your device, and then select the printer from there.
  • Then open the printer settings on your device, and select the option of CD.
  • After that, select an image from your PC that you want to print onto the CD. You can enlarge the image, and even zoom out to fit a bigger display onto the screen. All of this tinkering can be done on your connected device.
  • The screen will show a CD and you can adjust the image on that CD.
  • After you have selected the image, then click on the print option. The printer will start printing the image that you have selected onto the CD. Once you hear that the printer has stopped printing, open the CD tray.
  • Take the freshly printed CD out of the tray. Make sure not to hold the CD from the center or not to touch the print.
  • Hold the CD from the sides. This method is most commonly used for printing a couple of CDs.

Via A Silk Screen

  • The second method that is widely used for printing CDs and DVDs is a silkscreen. This method is mostly used on an industrial level, as it is used for printing hundreds of CDs in a single batch.
  • A silkscreen is prepared with the design already present on it. You can select any design that you wish to transfer onto your CDs.
  • It needs to be kept in mind that the size of the design should always be made according to the size of the CD, as well as the printing surface of the CD.
  • Place the CD under the silkscreen, with the printing surface facing upwards.
  • Then place the silkscreen on top of the CD, with the design overlapping the plain printing surface.
  • Pour the colored ink on the silkscreen, and pull it with a squeegee.
  • This transfers the ink through the silkscreen onto the CDs.
  • On an industrial level, an automatic squeegee is present on top of every screen. When a button is pressed, the squeegee pulls the paint from one side of the screen to the other.
  • It takes less time and transfers designs onto the CD more efficiently. However, this method can only use a single color at a time for printing a design onto a CD, unlike a printer.

Can You Print A CD In A Normal Printer?

No, you can not use any printer for printing a CD. First of all, you need to use a printer that comes with a tray for CDs and DVDs. Similar to a sheet tray for printing on a page, you need a CD tray for printing on a CD. In addition to that, you need to use a printer that uses inkjet printing technology.

How Long Does It Take Ink To Dry On a CD?

Whether you use the printer method to transfer a design onto your CD, or the means of a silkscreen, you need to leave the CD for at least an entire day to be completely dry. It takes ink approximately 20 to 24 hours to be completely dry. After that, you can touch the surface of the print without damaging the design.


Knowing how to print on CDs is a piece of knowledge that can come in handy any time during your artistic career. Lucky for you, the procedure is quite simple, and I have shared it in even simpler terms in the article above. So, give a thorough read to the article above.


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