How To Print On Cardstock Print On Glitter With Home Printer

Most of us are aware of printing on regular paper but what when it comes to printing on card stock? Complicated! Right? You just don’t have to worry about this anymore as I have come up with the answer to how to print on cardstock with simple easy-to-follow steps.

Because cardstock is relatively thicker than normal standard printing paper, the procedure of printing on it is different. Moreover, it involves some key settings of the printer to make it work with the cardstock. Make sure you do not skip any of the steps mentioned below as all of the essential information related to printing on cardstock is detailed here.

How To Print On Cardstock?

Because it is different from regular printing papers, the procedure of how to print on card stock is also slightly different from regular printing. We are describing the details here to let you understand, what are the simple steps you can take to print on cardstock.

How To Print On Cardstock

The first thing while printing on cardstock that should be kept in mind is selecting the most appropriate and compatible paper. Let us dig into the details of the right cardstock for printing.

Can You Print On Cardstock?

Yes, you can print on cardstock but printing on cardstock is slightly different than printing on regular paper. You often go for cardstock when you have to print special invitations or you have to create business cards and sometimes when you want to share important messages. For all of these purposes, you should have a thick paper for printing that is cardstock.

Right Cardstock For Printing

When you want to print on cardstock and you have a commercial printer with you, it just does not matter which type of card stock you use. This is because most commercial printers are compatible with various types of cardstocks.

When it comes to home printing and you have to print cardstock, you need to select the one that is the most compatible with your available printer. Otherwise, it may damage your project and can also affect the printer adversely. Two basic things should be kept in mind while selecting the right cardstock for printing.

  • Thickness
  • Coating


Because the thickness of the cardstock is usually displayed by weight, make sure to consider the weight of the cardstock before purchasing it for your project. Higher the number, the higher the thickness is. 80 pounds is the average and the general number of cardstock, which is easily handled by home printers. Otherwise, the paper may get jammed in the printer.


The coating is generally a layer that covers the cardstock to give it a shiny appearance. Remember that those cardstocks with coating are always complex to deal with when compared with those with no coating layer.

Can You Print Cards On A Normal Printer

This is because the print is not absorbed in the coating of the cardstocks. If you are going to use a home printer for printing purposes, having a non-coated form of cardstock is great, safe, and easy to manage.

Now that we have learned about the coating and thickness of the cardstock, let us move toward the settings that you have to make in a printer to get the right and appropriate printing on the cardstock.

Printer’s Settings

Of course, when you are not using the regular paper with your printer, you need to make some amendments and adjustments in the settings of the printer. But we cannot specify the settings for cardstock printing because every printer’s model is different from each other and they possess different settings. Although, here you can check the best printer for cardstock.

Because there are no one-size-fits-all settings, make a good search about which settings for your printer are appropriate for the hard paper.

Some of the printers contain the settings as hard paper settings; you can simply go with them if your printer contains that. Otherwise, there is an option of searching online. Make a proper and detailed search on the available manual of your printer, either online or through the manual book.

Furthermore, you cannot deny the importance of ink, when it comes to printing for cardstocks. But you do not have to worry at all because regular inks are compatible with cardstocks and work with them very well.


Now is the time when your printer and cardstock are ready for printing. As you have properly analyzed the cardstock and have bought the one that is the most ideal for your printer, it is time to print! Make sure the settings of the printer are settled and compatible with your printing demands.

Now keep in mind that if you are planning to print 20 pages at once, never put all of those papers at a time in the printer. It is a professional tip for you to put one paper at a time and let the printing on it complete. This is because slight bending, edging or curling of the corner can result in jamming of the printer.

Best Way To Print On Cardstock?

  • The best way to print on card stock is with the use of a simple printing method.
  • Open the document which you want to print on cardstock select “file” from here and then click on “print“.
  • Do not submit the document for printing, instead, click on “properties” and you will land on the “printer’s driver settings”. Look where the term “paper setting” is.
  • Click on it and you will be able to see which type of paper your printer can handle.
  • It will show you the options of cardstock and glossy cardstock.
  • Select the one that is the most appropriate for your paper. Now click “ok” and click on “print”.

How To Print On Glitter Cardstock?

Printing on glitter cardstock is possible but make sure the printer paper you have contains the glitter that does not expand or create a mess. The following details will tell you about the procedure of printing on glitter cardstock. Make sure you read every detail so that you will be able to create appropriate, adequate, and appealing prints.

How To Print On Glitter Cardstock

You need to have a printable glitter inkjet printer. They come in three colors: silver, white, and champagne.

  • For printing on glitter cardstock, you must have an inkjet printer with you.
  • Put this glitter cardstock in your printer and select the document which you want to print.
  • Open the document and select “file” then select “print” from the files.
  • Click on “properties” before submitting the document for printing
  • Now open “printer’s driver settings” which will let you see the options of cardstock and glossy cardstock.
  • Click on “glossy cardstock“. Make sure all the settings are compatible with your cardstock size and dimensions etc.
  • Now click on “ok” and print your glitter cardstock.

How To Print On Cardstock With A Canon Printer?

The following details will tell you about the steps that you need to follow if you want to print on cardstock with the canon printer.

  • The first thing that you have to do when you are working with a Canon printer is to adjust the printer to hold and grasp the cardstock.
  • This is because most Canon printers have a lever underlying the flat scanner and others have the control panel via computer, for the adjustment of paper thickness.
  • Consult some specialist or read the manual to check which type of Canon printer you have and make the settings according to that.
  • Now make adjustments in the printer to make it compatible with the cardstock size. After selecting the documents, select “print” and then click on “properties“. It will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • Select “paper select” and then select the size that is incompatible with your cardstock size.
  • Now after carefully making the settings, place the cardstock paper in the paper tray available. On the other hand, if you have a Canon printer that supports a photo paper tray, read the instructions carefully and then hold the card and use the tray according to that.
  • Now click on the ”print” button that has appeared on the screen and click “ok” to get the print.

Can I Use Cardstock In My HP, Brother, Epson, And Canon Printer?

Yes, you can reliably use cardstock if you have HP, Epson, Brother, or Canon printers with you. What you need to focus on is to check whether the cardstock’s thickness is compatible with the thickness your printer can tolerate or not.

How To Print On Cardstock At Home?

The method of printing on cardstock is similar but make sure the printer you are using is compatible with your cardstock. Remember to select the right cardstock for printing. There are different cardstocks with different models that are compatible with different printers. Select the one that is ideal compatibility with your home printer. The method is the same as the above-mentioned.

You can select by looking at its coating and thickness level. Now make appropriate printing settings on your printer and go with the simple steps of printing just as you do during normal paper printing time.

Can You Print Cards On A Normal Printer?

There is no absolute answer to this question. It depends on the printer’s properties and the print card’s thickness. You need to check whether your printer can tolerate and handle the thickness of the cardstock or not. Your printer’s specifications will tell you these details.

Look for them and then check your cards. If the cards that you want to print on have the same thickness that your printer can handle, you can go with printing through a normal printer, the one you have.


How much does it cost to print on cardstock?

The cost of printing on cardstock varies from one another. It usually depends on the quantity, type of print, and size of paper used. The more the number of prints, the less will be the charges. You will get more discounts with more counts of the prints.

Such as, if you want to print 250 or more, you’ll get around 35% off and $0.62 per single print. If you want 500 or more prints, you’ll get 45% off with a $0.52 per print charge. Similarly, when it comes to 1000 or more prints you will get 55% off with a $0.43 charge per one print.

What is the thickest paper you can put through a printer?

The thickness of the paper used for printing is measured by weight. It comes in various sizes and weights. Depending upon which one you need, you can make a selection among various options. The most commonly used cardstock for printing purposes is 80 lbs.

Whereas, the thickest paper that can go through the printer is 130 lbs. But make sure your printer is compatible and reliable for handling thicker papers.

How thick paper can an inkjet printer handle?

Inkjet printers generally can handle between 4.3 to 10.4 mil of thick paper for printing purposes. But it depends on paper size and type also. The average size of the paper that is used for printing through inkjet printers is 62 lbs. Make sure you check the ability of a printer before finalizing the thickness of the cardstock you are going to use.

What GSM is normal printer paper?

Most printer paper consists of the GSM value between 60 to 120. The thicker your paper is, the more value of GSM will be. 80 GSM value is said to be standard and normal for printing papers. It means you can reliably use 80 GSM papers when it comes to normal printing.

Also, check how to print on black cardstock?

Final Thoughts

Printing on cardstock is not difficult nor very easy. It is a slightly different process than printing on normal printing papers. Cardstock means thicker paper. This above-mentioned article tells you about the detailed steps on how to print on cardstock.

Moreover, you will also get to know about the printers that are compatible with cardstock printing and what are the things that should be kept in mind while initiating the printing process. Make sure you read every detail with the best of your attention so that everything will be in your mind while printing on the cardstocks.


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