How to Print on Black Cardstock | Print Golden, White, & Yellow

White color is the most common color of the paper that is world widely used for printing content. It has been noticed that most people prefer to go with the selection of white papers on which they print the content either with black or colored inks. But what if you have to print on black cardstocks? It would slightly be difficult for you since don’t know how to print on black cardstock and printing on black cardstock is different and demands more attention.

Cardstock is somehow thick but can be used for printing purposes. Since black cardstock is different from regular white cardstock, there are certain changes and alterations in the document that you have to make before practically performing the printing. The following details tell you about how you can print on black cardstock and what inks are compatible with a black base.

How To Print On Black Cardstock Paper At Home

  1. The first thing that you should do before printing on black cardstock is to remove the black ink cartridge from the printer. You can easily find this white ink cartridge at the printer’s shop or the craft’s shop. Make sure to focus on the compatibility of cartridges with the printers, before purchasing them.
  2. After the removal of the black ink cartridge, make sure you have inserted the white ink cartridge into the black one. Tip: Before using the white cartridges, clean the print head thoroughly in order to clean the black ink from the printhead and its pipelines.
  3. Now is the time to remove white printer papers from the printer. Put the black cardstock papers to the printer’s paper tray, from where you have removed white printer papers recently. Keep in mind that you cannot put more count of black cardstock on the paper tray because they are comparatively thicker than white printer papers.
  4. After the whole set is done, click on the program that you want to print on the black cardstock and load it.
  5. Before loading, make sure the printer is compatible to print on cardstock if yes, then it will have a setting to manage the thickness of the paper. After loading, click on the “file”, it will show you the bar, look for the “print” option and click on that.
  6. Click “ok” and let it print on the black cardstock.
  7. The print on the black cardstock is now ready for you.

Some Useful tips to Print On Black Cardstock

Types Of Printers Compatible with Cardstock

The first thing that demands attention, when printing on black cardstock is, to check whether your printer supports white ink or other dynamic cartridge colors or not. There are two types of printers; one that is compatible with black cardstock printing and can work on black cardstock by simply amending the settings.

Secondly, the traditional printers. These printers do not support black cardstock printing but can be used by making major changes in the settings and using some techniques.

Inkjet printers from Canon, HP, and Epson can reliably be used for black cardstock printing. Printers that are compatible with black cardstock printing offers you the options of using gloss paper printing or the white toner setup, whatever you think is more suitable according to your need. The settings and options you choose depend upon what printer you have and what function it offers.

Then we have the same traditional printers that only support printing with black color or other color cartridges on white printing papers. Certain tricks can be used for printing on black cardstocks if you have these traditional printers with you. Some of them are explained here.

Some Useful tips to Print On Black Cardstock
  • The first thing that you can change in the setting for black cardstock printing is to select the black color as the background. And after that select the white colors for letters and content on the top of that black background.
  • If you have Adobe Photoshop with you, it would be handy for you and will make your black cardstock printing easy and quick. You can self-create or self-design the printing design, with no color on the top of the colored background.
  • You can also use white cartridges in more quantities when printing on black cardstock paper. It will make the design visible and clearer to give you a dominant outlook of the final print.
  • You can also use white gloss film or the ColorFlare laminators because gloss film and laminators both can stick to the surface of the black cardstock.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks are actually for those that have high-end and premium printers with them. Otherwise, I will recommend you select the printer that offers white ink printing, instead of going into the hustles and complications of these tips.

What Type of Colors You Can Print?

Metallic Shades

If you are planning to print other colors on black cardstock paper, you have to select the colored ink cartridge with metallic shades of silver and gold. This is because the metallic shades give an outclass outlook when printed on black cardstock. Moreover, metallic colors do not require any special settings or amendments to the settings for the design.


Alternatively, you have the option of using yellow ink cartridges. It not only looks attractive but also becomes very visible and dominant when printed on black cardstock. If you are looking for a multi-color design on black cardstock, you can select the colors according to your choice but make sure to print them on the black cardstock by first applying white color as a base.

You can check cardstock vs construction paper

There is this two-step technique that is used for the printing of multiple colors on black cardstock. And the technique says that at first, you print in white on black cardstock as a base and then should print in colors on top of that base. Although the procedure takes much time it is worth spending hours on.

As we have learned about the choices of colors and how we can print on black cardstock via inkjet printers and traditional printers. Now is the time to focus on the steps involved in the printing procedures on black cardstock.


Can inkjet printers print on black paper?

Yes, there are certain inkjet printers and most of them belonging to HP, Canon or Epson can print on black paper. They are designed specifically for black cardstocks and give you a great quality of print. You can either use a white ink cartridge or other multicolor cartridges, involving golden silver, and yellow colors.

Moreover, these metallic colors and yellow colors are preferable because they are more dominant and clear on black cardstock. So, if you are thinking about whether you can use inkjet printers to print on black paper or not! Yes, you can without any doubt.

Can laser printers print on black paper?

Yes, laser printers are another great option to print on black paper. This is because a laser printer’s toner generally makes a thin layer of plastic that is melted on whatever the printing cardstock paper you are using. This makes the color visible and more dominant than other printers. It means you can use a laser printer to print on black paper because it helps you view colors more clearly on the black base.

What color printer ink shows up on black paper?

White color ink is the most common color that is used on black cardstock papers. Moreover, metallic colors like gold and silver are preferable because they are more dominant and make the content more visible on the black base. Moreover, we do have the options of yellow and other shades of gold since they are more clear, visible, dominant, and very sharp when printed on black cardstock.

Do you need special ink to print on black paper?

If you are planning to print on black paper, you need to have the specific white ink cartridge or the toner with you. Not only will the white ink cartridge work on black paper but also the yellow ink cartridge. Moreover, metallic inks like gold and silver go well with a black paper base.

So make sure you have the special white, yellow, golden, silver, or other light color ink with you if you are planning to print on black cardstock or black paper base.

Final Thoughts

There are special inkjet printers that are compatible with black cardstock printing. If you have the one with you, what you only have to do is to insert black cardstock papers in the paper tray, change the ink cartridge, load the document you want to print, click on the file, and print.

On the other hand, if you have a traditional printer with you, there are certain techniques and tips that you can use to print on black cardstock paper. There are many options mentioned above among which you can select the most appropriate one, according to your need.


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