How To Laminate Vinyl Stickers? To Protect Up to 7 Years

How can I protect and make my stickers waterproof? If you are looking for a solution to protect your stickers and enhance their service life, you should laminate stickers. You can place the laminating sheet on top of the sticker or label and seal it for many years to come.

But wait!

Before that, you need to know the right way how to laminate stickers. However, laminating in the wrong way may ruin the stickers and their look instead of increasing their lifespan. In this post, I’ll dive deep down into the different methods and techniques you can use to laminate stickers.

How To Laminate Stickers?

You can use laminating sheets of different types to laminate the stickers. These sheets have one adhesive side with a peel-off backing. There are mainly three types of sticker laminates: stain/standard laminates, glossy and matte laminates, and. Glossy laminates offer a shiny and glossy finish to stickers. Glossy stickers reflect light and are highly visible in low-light conditions.

Standard or stain laminating sheets are most commonly used to produce regularly used stickers and labels. Stain laminating sheets are inexpensive and used to protect both outdoor and indoor stickers. Matte sticker laminates offer a satiny light diffusion resulting in minimum glare.

How To Laminate Stickers

Such sticker laminates have a minimum sheen and dull color contrasts. Matte stickers are highly readable in all light conditions and are made for indoor applications.

How to Laminate Sticker Paper?

You can laminate sticker paper with a self-adhesive laminate sheet. It is easy to laminate sticker paper since it doesn’t require specialized equipment like a laminator or a Cricut cutting machine. Self-adhesive sealing laminates let you laminate the stickers if you have no access to a laminator. These sheets come with a peel of the backing and stick on top of the sticker surface.

Supplies Needed To Laminate Stickers

  • Single-Sided Laminating Sheet
  • Scissors/Cutter
  • Printable Sticker

Step-1 Purchasing Laminating Sheet

Laminating sheets are available in multiple thicknesses and sizes. You can buy laminating sheets from Amazon or eBay. Laminating sheets are also available in local markets and are usually sold in a pack of 10 or 20 sheets.

You have to choose from various sizes like 8×13 inches, 9×12 inches, and various thicknesses like 3.0 mil or 4.0 mil. Also, you need to select a finish like gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satiny. Depending upon the type of sticker you want to laminate, choose the right sticker laminate.

Step-2 Cutting The Laminate

The next step is to cut out the laminating sheet according to the die-cut sticker size. The best way to cut the laminating sheet in perfect size and shape is to take the sticker first. Put your sticker on the laminating sheet and trace from its boundaries. Then use a cutter or scissors to cut the sheet. In this way, only the required amount of sheet is used, and the rest is saved for later projects.

How to Laminate Sticker Paper

Step-3 Placing Sheet Over Sticker

Once you are done with cutting, peel off the laminate sheet backing and place it on top of the stickers with its adhesive side facing to the top of the sticker. Try to keep the laminate as flat as possible to prevent air bubbles from popping. Press firmly to make it stick well to the sticker.

Step-4 Squeezing Out Bubbles

Air bubbles pop up for many reasons you cannot avoid all the time. The best way to squeeze out the bubbles is to use a credit card.

How To Laminate Vinyl Stickers?

You can laminate vinyl stickers with the thermal or heat laminating method. You can perform heat lamination with a standard circuit cutting machine. However, if you don’t have access to a circuit cutting machine, you can use a cutter or scissors.

Supplies For Laminating A Vinyl Sticker

  • Heat Laminating Sheet
  • Laminator
  • Cutter/Scissor/Circuit Cutting Machine

Step-1 Buying The Laminating Sheets

The laminating sheet is available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. Depending upon your project requirement and laminator’s capacity, you should choose the right sticker laminate. The ideal thickness of laminating sheets for vinyl stickers is 5 mil.

However, if your laminator cannot handle this thickness level, you may consider thin options like 3.0 mill. Stain laminating sheets are inexpensive but they offer medium protection in the outdoor environment. It is recommended to buy high-quality PVC lamination sheets in glossy or matte finishes.

Step-2 Cutting The Laminating Sheet

If you don’t have an electronic cutter, you can cut the sheet to the perfect shape and size with a handheld cutter. Place the laminating sheet on the sticker and trace its boundaries. It will help you cut the sticker to a perfect shape.

How To Laminate Vinyl Stickers

Step-3 Placing The Sticker

Peel the sheet backing and place it over the sticker. Try to keep the sheet as flat as possible to avoid bubble formation. Press firmly against the sheet to prevent bubble formation.

Step-4 Turning  On Laminator

Turn on the laminator and adjust the temperature settings. You should refer to the sticker laminate instruction manual to find out the required temperature.

Step-5 Laminating The sheet

Load the vinyl sticker into the laminator once the laminator has achieved the required temperature. Let the sticker cool down once the lamination is complete since the freshly laminated surface can stick to your hands.

Which Stickers Do Not Need Lamination?

Some stickers are printed with high-quality material and inks, making them highly resistant to damage (I have also covered some of the best printers for stickers). There is no need to laminate these stickers since they add extra cost to already expensive stickers. Here is a list of stickers that don’t require lamination.

  • Waterproof Premade Labels
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Screen Printed Stickers
  • Etched Or Embossed Foil Stickers
  • UV printed Adhesive Vinyl


How can I laminate a sticker without a laminator?

You can laminate stickers with self-sealing pouches and self-adhesive laminating sheets. This type of lamination is also called cold lamination. This technique is ideal for sticker papers but not recommended for vinyl stickers. You can watch the videos here on how to use self-sealing laminating pouches.

Can you laminate stickers with a laminator?

Yes, you can use laminate stickers with a laminator. Laminating machines are available in multiple sizes and heat functions. Adjust the laminator temperature as per the requirement of the sticker material and laminating sheet and load it into the laminator. A laminator provides heat to create a bond between the sticker and the lamination sheet.

Should you laminate stickers?

Yes, you should laminate the sticker to increase their service life. Although if you use polymeric vinyl material the lifespan of the stickers will be increased to 7 years outdoors. A lamination sheet acts as a protective barrier against damaging factors when stickers are exposed to them. Lamination is highly recommended for outdoor stickers. you can also check the difference between decals and stickers after lamination.

How do you laminate stickers at home?

One of the efficient and cost-effective ways of laminating stickers at home is self-sealing pouches. You do not need to buy some professional laminators. However, if you are willing to start your laminating business at home then you must need to opt for laminators, Cricut, or silhouette.

Wrapping Up

Laminating stickers is a good idea since it preserves vibrant colors and increases their lifespan. Due to the availability of a wide range of lamination supplies, it is quite easy to laminate stickers at home.

However, laminating the stickers is a bit tricky and requires a lot of care and practice if you are doing it without specialized equipment like circuit cutting machines and laminators. It is advised to purchase high-quality sublimation supplies from reliable retailers for the best quality results.


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