Matte vs Glossy Stickers – How to Make Matte Stickers Glossy With Pictures

While buying customized stickers, people are always confused between matte vs. glossy stickers. Kowing the key differences and similarities between glossy and matte stickers is critical to making a wise choice. The matte vs. glossy sticker debate is up to personal preference, and it is advised to buy a finish that is perfectly in line with your needs.

To help you understand what these stickers do differently and similarly, we have composed this comprehensive guide under the title “Matte vs Glossy Stickers.”

Glossy Vs Matte Stickers

What Is The Difference Between Matte And Glossy Stickers?

The main difference between them is their look. Glossy and matte stickers offer a different feel when you touch or look at them. The key difference between glossy and matte stickers lies in how they show up when they reflect the light. Matte stickers give a non-shiny muted finish that doesn’t reflect light and has a rough feel when you touch them.

The stickers with a glossy finish are shinier and reflect the maximum light making the colors more outshone and abundant. The glossy finish feels pretty soft when you touch it.

Both finishes have their pros and cons and depending upon the purpose of the content you are going to print; you can select either glossy or matte finish. So the primary difference between the glossy and matte finishes is how a die-cut sticker diffuses or reflects the light; here are the factors that you should know while working with glossy or matte stickers. Also, have a look at the most reliable printer for vinyl stickers.

Glossy Vs Matte Stickers


Glare is one of the key factors you should consider. Sticker laminate with matte finish offers a satiny light diffusion that results in minimum glare. The minimum glare makes the content readable in all light conditions. On the other hand, glossy stickers reflect the maximum light resulting in better color contrasts.

These stickers offer a vibrant output and make the content highly readable. However, glossy stickers offer maximum glare when the direct light falls on them, making the content less visible.

Color Appearance

Matte stickers have a muted feel, and the colors appear dull as compared to glossy stickers. The glossy sticker reflects more light, and colors appear more profound, richer, and brighter.


Glossy stickers have a better color contrast than matte stickers. The enhanced light diffusion in the matte finishes results in poor color contrast making them less suitable for aggressive and sporty applications.


Durability is another primary concern since sticker laminates with both matte and glossy finishes are pretty expensive. Regardless of the finishing, the sticker should be durable enough to fight damaging factors like UV, moisture, and dust. High-quality sticker laminates come with weather-resistant and UV -resistant coating to enhance their life span when exposed to the environment.

In general, glossy stickers have stronger adhesives and fight better in outdoor environments. However, stronger adhesives can damage the wooden walls and wall paint. Additionally, matte stickers are usually made for indoor applications, and therefore they lack UV-resistant and waterproof coating. Glossy vinyl and stickers feature UV-resistant and waterproof coating, making them highly resistant to fading and peeling.

Advantages Of Glossy Stickers

  • Glossy stickers offer brighter, richer, and deep colors making them perfect for decorative purposes.
  • The glossy stickers are the best option for the design to have vibrant colors.
  • Their rich color contrast and bright color output make them highly noticeable and help you grab more consumer attention.
  • Glossy stickers have a bright and shiny finish making them pretty attractive.
  • Glossy stickers have a smoother finish, and they offer a professional look making them suitable for wedding cards, cars, and promotional content.
  • Glossy stickers are simple and transparent and deliver the message without detracting packaging. Therefore famous brands prefer glossy stickers to show off their product in a refined manner.
  • The glossy finished laminate stickers are ideal for multiple materials like glass, plastic, and metals, and their shiny surface makes them quite appealing in industrial and sports promotions.
  • Glossy stickers are highly resistant to UV damage and come with waterproof coating making them suitable for outdoor applications.
Glossy Stickers

Disadvantages Of Glossy Stickers

  • The biggest downside of the glossy stickers is glare making them less visible when the direct light falls on them.
  • Glossy stickers have a shiny surface that may not be suitable for sophisticated and serious promotions and informational content.
  • Strong adhesives of the glossy stickers can damage the paint on walls and wooden furnishings.

Advantages Of Matte Stickers

  • The biggest perk of matte stickers is that they have a subtle appeal. Therefore they are best suited for informative content like rules and regulations, product information, company policies, etc.
  • Matte stickers suit best in more sophisticated home decors, restaurant themes, and occasions. The sophisticated and elegant appeal makes them suitable for product packaging, invitation cards, etc.
  • Stickers with a matte finish offer a neutral feel. Therefore they are better suited for the packaging of organic products. Also, matte stickers are used in nature conservation and green energy campaigns.
  • Matte stickers have minimum glare making them highly visible and readable in different light conditions.
Matte Stickers

Disadvantages Of Matte Stickers

  • Matte stickers are dull and deliver poor color contrast.
  • Matte stickers are less attractive.
  • Matte stickers are less visible in dark conditions.
  • Matte stickers have weak adhesives making them less reliable in outdoor conditions.

Are Matte or Glossy Stickers Better?

Matte stickers offer a subtle appearance and are perfect to showcase the informational content in a sophisticated manner. Matte stickers come with weak adhesives, and therefore they are ideal for outdoor applications.

On the other hand, glossy stickers are more vibrant and versatile. They are more famous and have a wide range of applications in the promotion industry. Glossy stickers are more durable and resistant to fading and peeling.

Are Matte or Glossy Stickers Better For Laptop?

Laptop stickers can really get more attention when you’ve used the right choice of stickers. Thanks to the glossy stickers, they are super attractive and shiny. If you have chosen a decal or a sticker that contains a lot of colors then glossy is the better option for laptops

On the other hand, matte stickers are not really shiny, they have low glare and dull shining, they are best for photography. If want sophistication with few colors to blend on the surface purely, then matte stickers are your partner.

How to Make Matte Stickers Glossy?

If you want matte stickers to shine, you can use a transparent spray (gloss primer) to make the matte paper look glossy. But keep in mind there are some precautions to make sure the matte paper won’t be damaged you can read the full guide here.

For a more detailed answer, you can watch the video here!


Are matte stickers waterproof?

Matte stickers are made waterproof and offer better protection against heat, dust, and moisture damage. Most of the matte strikers are waterproof but lack the UV-protection making them less suitable for outdoor applications. Also, there are types of stickers material like vinyl that make them waterproof.

Are glossy stickers water-resistant?

Yes, glossy stickers are highly water-resistant. The glossy stickers are made on waterproof laminate, making them highly suitable for outdoor applications.

Can you write on a matte finish sticker?

Matte stickers offer a rough and grippy surface, and you can easily write on them. The matte stickers are customized by handwritten quotes and hand-drawn labels.

What is redbubble glossy vinyl?

Redbubble glossy vinyl is high-quality glossy stickers with kiss-cut printing on them. They are highly resistant to fading and peeling off and are among the premium quality glossy stickers currently available on the market.

How to make matte stickers glossy?

Matte stickers have a satiny surface with minimum sheen. You can make the matte stickers look glossy by applying a shiny coating on the matte sticker. To make the matte stickers glossy, it is advised to buy high-quality sheen paint for vinyl stickers. You can check vinyl sticker vs plain printable paper.

Wrapping Up

Form the above discussion on Glossy Vs. Matte stickers, we can safely conclude that both finishes have their one upsides and downsides. Depending upon the qualities and features, matte and glossy stickers fit in different applications. However, it is evident that glossy stickers are more versatile and have a wide range of applications than matte stickers.


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