Cardstock Vs Coverstock | Is Cardstock Thicker Than Cover Stock?

Many new crafters often get confused to know Cardstock VS Coverstock and the difference between them. to answer your question are cardstock and coverstock the same? I have brought a detailed guide today based on my past projects on cardstock and coverstock to know the significant differences.

The Cardstock and the Coverstock are the heavier papers used by the people to create art and craft. You can use both of these interchangeably for different crafting projects. Read the article below to know how these high-quality stocks are different from one another. They are available in different colors, weights, and sizes.

Cardstock Vs Coverstock

While they both refer to the same paper but slightly different textures for the same intent of use and paperweight. But the main difference between cardstock and coverstock is that cardstock is measured in pounds. The measurement depends upon the size of the cardstock in the inches of 20″x26″ containing 500 sheets. whereas coverstock is measured in points “pt” by caliper.

The “Cardstock” and the “Coverstock” are almost the same but they are slightly different than one another. They are thick and durable when compared with regular white paper. People do get confused when buying these stocks as they look very similar. You can use the cardstocks and coverstocks for all your art and craft or DIY projects.

Cardstock Vs Coverstock

How Are They Different?

When we compare the cardstock with coverstock, we will get to know that they have slightly different textures and coating. The cardstock has a sleek, unfinished texture because it is made with a combination of hard and softwood.

This combo can produce pulpy wood to prepare a high-quality and durable stock. Whereas, the coverstock is also textured and bumpy but it has a shiny coating that gives it a glossy appearance. While comparing the thickness, we observe that the coverstock is measured in points while the cardstock is measured in pounds.

Is Cardstock Thicker Than Cover Stock?

The cardstock and the coverstock have the same thickness and are known as heavy papers. They are also called construction papers. The only visible difference in both of these types is the weight and the texture. They are almost the same and are used for the same purposes mostly. The cardstock and coverstock are water-proof and can retain their structural identities.

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What Paper Is Thicker Than Cardstock?

The Kraft paper is thicker than the cardstock and is produced during the Kraft process. This uses wood fibers and is ideal for packaging and shipping purposes. It is thicker than the cardstock but varies in weight. The weight range lies between 20lbs to 70lbs which is less than the cardstock weight range. But they are thick and can be used according to needs. Kraft paper is durable, has high quality, and is 100% recyclable.

65lb Vs 110lb Cardstock

With 110lbs being the heaviest in the cardstocks, we will draw a comparison between 65lb and 110lb card stock. It is almost double the 65lb cardstock. This is the lightest cardstock available and is less thick than 110lb cardstock.

It is best for sending out invitation cards and does not add up to the excessive weight. Whereas, the 110lb, close to the heaviest weight is thicker and more durable. It is more flexible than cardboard and is ideal for using projects that need to be done with perfection.

65lb Vs 110lb Cardstock

67lb Vs 110lb Cardstock

Similarly, if we compare the 67lb vs 110lb cardstock paper, we can notice that 67lb is the standard size having a 1-meter side each. These are compatible with the inkjet and laser printer and are considered ideal for making invitations, business cards, and posters.

You can fold this cardstock but it will leave a slight crisp behind. Whereas, 110lb cardstock is used to make index cards because they are sturdy and thick. These are considered ideal for making pop-up tags, menus, frame mats, and RSVP cards.


What is the difference between cardstock and coverstock?

The cardstock and the coverstock are almost the same and there is no major difference present between them. The only difference is in the weight and the textures, depending upon the coating.

Is coverstock thicker than cardstock?

No, the coverstock is not thicker than the cardstock as they have the same thickness. The weight of these stocks can vary depending upon the size.

What is coverstock paper used for?

The coverstock paper is used for making business cards, posters, envelopes, and invitation cards. This has a glossy appearance that looks very neat and clean.


A discussion on Cardstock vs Coverstock is done in the article above so you can have an idea about the similarities and the differences. These are thicker and heavy than the normal writing paper and are used for the same purpose. Everything is discussed in the article so you do not get confused anymore. You can use these durable papers for your upcoming professional projects.


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