Heat Press VS Sublimation – Sublimation Paper VS Transfer Paper

Heat Press VS Sublimation

Which printing mechanism is best for a profitable printing business? People who have recently joined the printing business often ask this question. The quality of your products and the profit you will make in the future rests upon your decision that which printing method you are selecting. “Heat press VS Sublimation printing” is one of …

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Sublimation VS Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl: is Sublimation Better Than Vinyl

Sublimation VS Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

When it comes to the start business of printing T-shirts many starters always get confused between the two famous printing methods sublimation and vinyl heat transfer. Because they really don’t know which printing method is profitable for their business. Both printing techniques have their pros and cons, today we’re gonna compare sublimation VS printable heat …

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Sublimation On Wood: How To Sublimation On Wood (Easy Steps)

How Can You sublimate on Wood

Whenever we hear about sublimation, the only thing that comes to our mind is sublimating beautiful designs primarily on t-shirts. But, what if we said that sublimation is more than just embedding beautiful designs on apparel? Nowadays, sublimation on wood has become a norm and this art is selling like hotcakes in the market. But …

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