Best Tattoo Stencil Printer – Durable Wireless Inkjet Machines

Transferring designs via stencils on the human skin is great fun. But before transferring designs, you need to print the desired designs onto stencil paper, and for printing, you need a compatible best tattoo stencil printer machine that produces refined images with proper accuracy.

What if you choose the wrong tattoo printer that bleeds excessive ink on the stencil and when you start applying, it starts spreading on the skin! Well, that will be quite an embarrassing moment for an artist like me.

So doing your job precisely and accurately is significant work. The performance of the machine is notable here. But if you’re an art enthusiast like me then you don’t need to use a printer because I use the freehanding technique and often use the below printers. But at the start of my days, I really loved to use those printers regularly.

Best Tattoo Stencil Printer Machines in 2022

Let’s Dive into our list.

Image Product Name Benefits Price
Top Pick
1- AUTOMUS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
  • Mirror function
  • Easy to operate
  • Deepness Function
  • Work efficient
2- TOEC Tattoo Printer – Best Thermal Printer For Tattoo Stencils
  • Make glossy stencils
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Crystal clear tattoos
  • Touch buttons
3- Life Basis Thermal Copier Tattoo Stencil Transfer Copier Printer
  • Dot matrixes printing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Light weight and fast
  • Deepness options
4- TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
  • Control panel is easy
  • 1 year warranty
  • Best for simple graphics
  • Smooth transfers
Beoncall Tattoo
5- Beoncall Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
  • Durable construction
  • Super fast
  • For home-based businesses
  • Dense options
BMX silver Tattoo
6- BMX silver Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
  • A reliable and durable
  • Supports any kind of environment
  • Low power consumption
  • 1 year dedicated warranty
YILONG Black Tattoo
7- YILONG Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine
  • Durable quality material
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for your home
  • Best for beginners

1. AUTOMUS Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine




  • Prints within the blink of an eye
  • The manual instructions in the package
  • A variety of color options are available
  • Functional indicators for overheating
  • A plethora of connectivity options
  • Cost-efficient power consumption

The AUTOMUS Tatoo transfer printer has got the top position in our list due to its ease of convenience and smooth transferring. The printer is aesthetic, compact, has high-end print quality, and is efficient. Unlike other brands, this machine prints super fast stencils which saves your productive time.

The control buttons on the top of the machine let you print and copy the stencils to utilize the deepness of the designs aesthetically. The functionality of the versatile options via buttons can tweak the next level of colors by simply using the deepness option.

You do not need to worry about its temperature level. Print the designs and transfer hassle-free without keeping overheating in the mind. Because the machine produces low heat transfers but for the safety of the gadget, leave it to rest for a few minutes after printing 2 papers.

Thanks to the manufacturers, who have eased your life by manufacturing the functional indicator which alerts the user when the temperature goes abnormally high.

Besides that, If we keep an eye on the connectivity you can expect treasure from a nifty printer. The printer lets you connect the wireless and ethernet network with remaining constant heat and noise. The media handling is also a notable point here that handles the A4 paper and thermal transfer paper with ease.

Despite being cost-effective, the machine offers you everything which you want to print in your tattoo parlor. Other than copying and transferring, you can easily scan your favorite design up to the Width:210 mm.

If you want to decorate the human skin aesthetically with sophistication then I don’t find any better tattoo transfer printer than AUTOMUS. Even one of my friends who is a tattoo artist for the last 5 years also admires the work efficiency of this machine.


  • Print, scan, and copy
  • Simple to operate
  • Print quality is great
  • Perfect for the desk


  • Sometimes slow down the speed
  • Cannot print most shading parts

2. TOEC Tattoo Printer – Best Thermal Printer For Tattoo Stencils


TOEC Tattoo Printer


  • Compact, reliable, and sturdy
  • Print glossy tattoos with ease
  • Wifi ready printer
  • Can be used via photo apps
  • Compact to keep in the pouch
  • 8.5″ x 11 up to 14″ thermal transfer paper

The TOEC thermal printer is one of the most premium and valuable printers on our list that every artist cannot afford to use. But it is my favorite choice for printing the outclass stencils with marvelous quality. The machine prints out well-defined, crisp, and clear stencils to transfer crystal clear on the human skin.

Unlike AUTOMUS and other machines, it is capable to print out high-contrast images with shading lines and well-detailed graphic lines. The compact and slim printer lets you connect mobile devices and tablets via wifi to print tattoo stencils directly from the gadgets. Moreover, it has its own TOEC Print app that allows you to design shady stickers aesthetically.

The portability of the machine is exceptional you can keep your buddy printer in the pouch to travel around and immediately print out the stencils at guest shops. Using this machine that enables you to print glossy tattoos with just one single click. The media can be adjusted up to A4 paper using any photo app you want to use.

The TOEC thermal printer comes with easy setup instructions, the buttons are touch buttons that can be performed for operating, copying, wifi, feed, and cancel functionality. Moreover, the printer is a drop of the dime preferred to the beginners also to bring the charm in the tattooing to achieve the perfect results.

In addition, if you’re addicted to transferring the tattoos onto ghost transfer paper to retain the originality of the tattoo then no other option is best than the TOEC thermal printer to touch the sky of the tattoo industry. It comes with a DPI resolution of 200×200 that produces even the human tattoo stickers crystal clear. The only drawback you’ll find is its affordability.


  • Easy to operate
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Worthy and saves time
  • Consistent performer
  • Thermal printing technology


  • Expensive

3. Life Basis Thermal Copier Tattoo Stencil Transfer Copier Printer


Life Basis Thermal


  • Easy operation via a control panel
  • Multiple settings of deepness and mirror
  • Lightweight and economical
  • Delicate design producer
  • Equipped with a one-year replacement warranty
  • Having no heating elements, cylinders, and Bulbs

The Life Basis thermal copier stencil printer is a sibling of the AUTOMUS printer. Both have many functional similarities within the equivalent price range. The Life basis Printer is a precious gift for tattoo artists who are willing to transfer stencils with work efficiently. It allows you to transfer the designs with a few clicks only.

The printer is a perfect piece of a machine for home as well as for tattoo parlors, it is one of the best options for creating dot matrixes for printing elaborated doted images even you can make a carbon copy of the stencils. The functionality of the printer allows you to print the already hand-sketched prints which are designed on carbon paper.

The machine is also compatible with wifi and ethernet and accepts commands directly from mobile phones. Moreover, you can also print the digital drawing within a few steps to transfer it onto the human skin. Lifebasis enables the artists to save their money and time with simplicity to make the tattoo life easier. you can carry this reliable thermal copier printer everywhere even when you travel around.

Plus, it is also a lightweight and fast machine which can be fitted on any desk to fit anywhere in the shop. The LifeBasis machine also comes with various types of operating modes, deepness options, and indication options.

Life Basis Thermal Copier Tattoo Stencil Transfer Copier Printer

The operating modes contain Mirror and Copy options, mirror option allows you to print quality prints and mirror invented stencils, while to copy option allows you to print already sketched or printed stencils.

In addition, the deepness option contains two types: “Deepness 1” and “Deepness 2”. Deepness 1 is for producing lighter graphics lines. On the other hand, Deepness 2 option enables you to produce deep and dense designs with precise and darker graphics lines but both cannot work simultaneously.

Make your prints hassle with the indication option which notifies you when something inaccurate thing happens to the printer. All of these options can be utilized with the dedicated buttons on the panel that is easy to use.

Coming to its media handling, the machine is outclassed at handling A4 and A5 sheet sizes while getting 10 sheets and 300 patterns in the box upon arrival is a cherry on the top. So you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to grab it here.


  • A4, A5 paper handling
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Works efficiently
  • A plethora of positive reviews from users
  • Smooth printing


  • Slow printing speed one after another

4. TATELF Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine




  • Indication light
  • Easy handling of A4 and A5 paper
  • Great connectivity
  • Smooth and fast transfers
  • Worth the price
  • Deepness options

Another low-cost plus handy printer for a beginner to choose from. The stencil machine has a solid performance over lightweight tasks adding efficiency. I call TATELF, AUTOMUS, and life basis siblings because they are very similar to each other but without any doubt, they are adequate performers. The TATELF machine is easy to use and produces super-fast transfers onto stencils.

Its light weightiness and compactness make it a significant machine to fit any desk in a tattoo parlor. Moreover, the temperature will also be justified with low noise transfers. The artists can easily copy their desired design onto stencils without any hassle thus making them able to work efficiently.

What I don’t really admire is that it cannot produce complex shadows and heavy patterns but is suitable for simple and classic graphics with simple lines. But not to forget, the simple graphics will be clear and crisp. If you’re going to print back-to-back stencils, it is suggested to rest for a few minutes to eliminate overheating.

On the other hand, the control panel is easy to use with operating and copier buttons. The control panel also features the options of photos and mirrors. For making simple lines deeper, the manufacturers have introduced the deepness option for you to utilize them thoroughly. But not to forget, they cannot be used simultaneously. Again thanks to manufacturers who provide you a warranty of a 1 year.

Copy the ready-made designs onto the stencil paper by simply a click away with ease. You do not need to worry about the error and logs while printing because the error light indicates you the overheating and other errors when something wrong happens.


  • A one year warranty
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use panel
  • Mirror copy option


  • Not for commercial use
  • Not recommended for heavy shades

5. Beoncall Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine


Beoncall Tattoo


  • Environmental safe due to ABS
  • Solid performance
  • Easy 8.5 x 11 paper handling
  • Easy to operate
  • Transfer designs are excellent
  • Affordable

The Beoncall Printer is one of the most durable printers on our list. The durable printer is made of ABS material which offers you long-term use while making the printer strong against overheating and corrosion. More precisely, many fast printers often get overheated but this one is ideal for fast printing while eliminating the fear of overheating.

But there are some precautions for using this printer, do not transfer continuously in order to protect the lifespan of the printer. The Beoncall tattoo printer is extremely lightweight even if you can carry it with you anywhere. The convenient printer can be fitted at any desk in your office or home. In addition, creating your favorite designs with great creativity will be fun using this printer.

Other than that, the printer is super fast with quieting the noise. You can create simply impressive transfer thus the machine will provide dedicated performance that will stand to your expectations. Moreover, the printer withstands various environments so you can buy it from where you are.

Tattoo is not only art but it’s a part of life certainly if you’re thinking to use it for professional shops then I won’t suggest grabbing this one. For making some quality tattoos of the life you must go with TOEC tattoo printer. But on the point, many users stated that it is a solid performer for home-based businesses.

The machine has 4 functions on its front panel. One of them indicates an error light when it starts getting overheated, the second one is for copying already made stencils, the third one is for the stop, and the fourth and last one is for deepness and density of the prints. You can use the deepness option accordingly. Therefore, it suits the needs of an average artist I must say to grab this printer for entry levels.


  • Lightweight
  • No overheating
  • Easy of use
  • Transfer deepness options


  • Not for the heavy workload

6. BMX silver Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine


BMX silver Tattoo


  • Environmental friendly material
  • Easy media handling
  • Constructed with sturdy material
  • Fast printings with low noise
  • Multifunctional indicators
  • Reduces power consumption

Another old-school technique printer to transfer stencils via faxing. Besides, its portability enables you to bring it anywhere in the place. A reliable and durable stencil machine that is capable to show you the new roadmap of stunning artwork to bring it in the real life. Thanks to the manufacturers who constructed the BMX Silver Color machine with ABS material that supports any kind of environment.

In addition, it can bear the overheating easily if it gets overheated coincidently. In order to save your electricity, it contains a bulb that reduces the power consumption thus increasing productivity. Try once if you won’t like the product, the return is free you can get 1 year dedicated warranty if you don’t believe in its durability.

With all these benefits, the machine is affordable and lightweight containing only 1.6 pounds weight. The ready-to-go printer is phenomenal for the fastest printing with low noise which is suitable to use anywhere.

BMX silver Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

The drawback is you cannot directly print the images from pc instead you need to print the designs via a printer so you can use them to copy or print those images. To be honest, I really feel it is silly as a productive artist. You can have an Epson eco tank printer or Hp for that purpose.

Despite that, the machine offers you printing over wifi and ethernet, and many other options including power indication, deepness options, and error modes. You can easily print A4 and A5 media including thermal paper using this printer. So if you’re not a professional then this machine is a perfect piece of equipment for your desk.


  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • 1.5 years dedicated warranty
  • Transfer paper included in the box
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable complex shadow transfers

7. YILONG Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine


YILONG Black Tattoo


  • Low Noise operation
  • Cleaning is easy by using rubbing alcohol
  • Power Efficient
  • Copy option with elegancy
  • Perfect for newcomers
  • Doesn’t smear the ink

Yilong is another traditional tattoo transfer printer that is lightweight and compact. The printer is durably constructed with durable quality material ABS for long-lasting. In addition, thanks to the ABS material, you can use the machine in every type of environment.

The notable features of its power panel are its 6 functions which can be utilized in different ways. Deepness options for the sharpness and for high shadow images you can use accordingly. It also includes the copy option, a warning light option when it gets overheated, power on and off indication, and a stop option.

The documents can be inserted from the top of the printer that can handle A4 and A5 paper easily. The transfer paper can also be inserted easily. The printer cannot be used for high-defined tattoo transfers. If you’re a newbie and want to get the light job done then this one is the best choice. The speed of the printing is decent.

Thanks to its compatibility, you can print from photoshop directly. It can automatically mirror the images accurately. While it is suitable for your home and starter tattoo parlor due to its convenience. Last but not least, it saves power consumption which is pretty good for a beginner to start with.


  • Durable material
  • Versatile functionality
  • Portable
  • Low heat generating stencils


  • Not for the heavy workload
  • Doesn’t print deep designs

Essential Guide Before Choosing The Right Stencil Printer For You

Whether you’re a newbie or a professional it is necessary to spend the pocket budget on a printer that adds value to your hobby and business. Believe me! The below factors play a significant role in choosing a good quality stencil printer.

Best Tattoo Stencil Printer
Infographic: Best Tattoo Stencil Printer

Print Quality

One of the crucial factors to consider before diving into tattooing. To get the transfers onto the skin precisely with deep lines, it is essential to choose a perfect Tattoo stencil printer that prints dazzling designs with excellent print quality. It is suggested to buy a printer that enables you to choose between light and dark shadow printing options.

In addition, if you want to print glossy and shiny stencils then your partner is a TOEC transfer printer to print crispy designs.


While some tattoo printers are very steady you might be stuck at this point which will cause a long wait to come the paper out of the printer. My suggestion is to choose a printer that has a minimum speed of printing 8 pages per mint.


Noise is another issue when it comes to thermal tattoo printers. Some low-quality printers are really annoying and produce loud sounds. Always choose the best tattoo stencil printer which prints smoothly producing low noise in order not to irritate you and your customer.

Easy to Use

Some printers out there is really a real hurdle to operate and use them. There are two types of stencil printers. One can be used and operated via manual buttons and the second one can be used via touch buttons. If I have a look at my preference then I would go with easy to use interface with touch buttons. Because they will reduce my level of difficulty thus enabling me to stay more productive.


Along with easy to use interface, your preference should also be the portability of the printer. Lightweight and compact printers offer you to put them into your traveling bag to keep them anywhere.


Some low-quality printers get overheated when they are used to print heavy-duty tasks. Thermal printers are always prone to overheating due to their poor build quality. They are intended to use for light tasks e.g printing once or twice a week.

But thanks above printers, they are better than other low-quality build printers. In addition, they will indicate to you via their indication light when they get overheated. They are better and cheap than Epson eco tank, brother, and doghawk printers.

Connectivity & Compatibility

What if some rigid printers offer you only USB connectivity? Well, before spending your valuable bucks, always check whether the machine offers you wirelessly connectivity or not. Along with, the compatibility with many functional apps will let you print the designs directly from photoshop and many other apps.

How to Operate a Tattoo Stencil Printer?

1. Plugin the printer

Tattoo transfer printers can be used on electricity. So you need to operate them by plugging in. You will get a power cord along with the printer in the package. Use that power cord to the plug-in.

2. Buy the thermal papers online

If you don’t have the already thermal papers you can buy them online to use with thermal printers. Take the thermal paper out of the box.

3. Insert the papers into the printer

Before inserting the paper, let me tell you thermal paper contains 3 layers connected together. You need to remove the in-between layer which we call the brown layer or onion layer, After removing, open the lid of the printer. insert the papers from the bottom of the thermal printer. Make sure the purple side of the paper should be downward.

4. Close the lid

Once the paper is inserted it should be attached to the carbon sheet. When you will close the lid make sure the yellow sheet is visible on the top of the printer to print out.

5. Copy

After all the above steps, you need to insert the copy design of your tattoo, after that, press the button “copy” to make a copy onto the thermal transfer paper. You can print designs from apps via wireless connectivity.

6. Peel the back

After copying the design, peel off the backing of the thermal transfer paper and start transferring the tattoo.

Users Queries Answered

Will any thermal printer work for tattoo stencils?

Yes, you can use any kind of thermal printer. It can be an inkjet or laser printer. But keep one main point in mind you cannot use regular paper for stencils

What printers do tattoo artists use?

Well, this totally depends upon the needs of an artist. But being an artist throughout my whole life, I prefer TOEC and AUTOMAS printers.

What kind of paper do I use for stencils?

Thermal papers are usually used to make stencils. Thermal papers are also called chemical coated papers because their surface is covered with a thermal coating that side can be identified via its smoothness and brightness.

It is also called the thermal coated side of the paper. When we insert the thermal side into the printer, the print head produces heat when the paper is passed over it. The thermal coat turned out black thus the image or text is produced where the print head applies the heat onto the paper.

How much time do tattoo stencils require to dry?

Well, after doing the significant work of transferring the design onto stencils, you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes to dry out the ink completely to remove the stencil paper. After that, the stencil paper will be ready for tattooing.

To Conclude

While these all are the best tattoo stencil printers without any doubt. I hope you loved the ideas and reviews written by me. From beginners to professionals, we never left our readers behind. Whether you’re a beginner or a newbie you can use those printers for transferring marvelous designs onto the human skin. But my choice is the TOEC tattoo transfer printer because I love glossy tattoos.


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