Are Cheap Printers Worth It? Should You Buy Them?

Looking for a cheap printer but confused about whether it’s worth it or not? Well, there is nothing wrong with it as everyone wants to save money and in return wants something that performs extraordinarily. So I am here to explain your question, “Are cheap printers worth it in detail”, in detail as I bought a printer that was cheap and had all the qualities according to the manufacturers.

Hold onto the rope and keep on reading the article as it won’t take more than 5 minutes but you can prevent something wrong from happening. Let’s begin then.

Are Cheap Printers Worth It?

Less costly printers attract the most, or should I say anything that demands less is attractive but the second thing to appear in mind after listening to the price is does it payback? Does it have all the features like other expensive brands and products?

Well, if you ask a manufacturer or see their advertisement they will say Yes to all these questions but let me explain to you every tiny detail here which you miss in the excitement of buying a cheap printer.

Price and Psychology

Are Cheap Printers Worth It

Cheap prices are a considerable thing but the manufacturers play with the psychology of customers. Let me explain with an example. Which one is more appealing: $300 or $299? Obviously the latter one, right? When you see the second price you will unintentionally extend your hand on the product mentioning this price but if you take a minute and observe the price you will notice that you are not getting enough margin.

The above-mentioned prices are just examples, even if they leave you 2 to 3 dollars, the company would get a lot more profit through it and you would probably get fewer features with low price although the slogan mentions “All in one” on the product. But there is a game behind it. What game? Tag along to know.

Functions of Cheap Printers

When you go for an inexpensive price, especially of the product that says “all in one “ or “multi-functional” you will probably get conned by the manufacturers. This is the strategy they use through wording. “All in one or multifunctional” is a general term used by makers of printers.

When you use a printer you will find that it lacks some important functions such as paper and ink capacity, colored printing, scanning, etc. Whenever you go for a cheap or inexpensive printer make sure it has all the features. Ask the seller about its features. It would be best if you could take a demo through a tester machine at the shop.

Duty Cycle

Another most important aspect that your printer would surprise you with is the duty cycle. Basically, the duty cycle is the number of pages a printer can print in a month. Yes, you heard me right. Most printers have this limit. Especially when we talk about the cheap ones. If you print a single extra page through this printer it would break down instantly.

Let’s take an example here: if the printer has a duty cycle of 200 pages and you print 201 pages out of it, then get ready for the crack in the system. You might have to spend extra money to repair it. If your use is average then you can use such printers but people with limitless work should think thrice before buying such printers.

Buying Ink Cartridges

This is the element nobody thinks of and here manufacturers find the loop to make extra money out of customers. When you make up your mind of buying a printer you just see its current cost but what about the purchases you have to make afterward? Ink cartridges won’t last for a lifetime and you have to refill them after a specific time.

Buying Ink Cartridges

This is where manufacturers play another pawn to make money and earn even more than selling printers. Instead of using highly inflated cartridges you can use the recycled ones and save your money.

Delayed Functioning

The name would have said everything but let me explain you. The cheap printers would function a little slower than the other expensive printers. Let’s say for instance that you want 100 colored prints which would be produced in 10 minutes by the expensive fast processing printer.

But if you want to take out the same prints from a cheap printer then it might take 25 minutes. More than double time. If you have a lot more time then go for the inexpensive ones but if you want to present efficient work to the boss then select an expensive one.

How long does a cheap printer last?

Well, the lifespan of the printer depends upon the maintenance you keep up to a printer. But the usual age of the printer is from 3 to 5 years long and even more than that depending upon the workload also. Cheap printers may not survive for long due to the budget factor and material usage in the manufacturing but still, there are some worthy printers under 100 and printers under 200 that will long last by fulfilling your needs.


Although it’s not the bottom line that if you pay a high price you will get a better product because some brands just use their name to sell ordinary stuff for expensive prices. It is better than before buying a printer you ask the seller about each and every feature of a printer, especially about its duty cycle. If there is any tester printer available, check it thoroughly and satisfy yourself completely before buying. You can also check here for more details.


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